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Handmade MI Mitten Turquoise Appetizer Plate with Tulip - Apothecary Gift Shop

Handmade MI Mitten Turquoise Appetizer Plate with Tulip

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  • Handmade starting from the clay to the hand-painted finish
  • 5.5" in Diameter
  • Made in MI

About the Artist - Geri Mateus
Geri Mateus Studios has become the outlet for all of the creative talent and God-given gifts of Geri Mateus. From her youth and throughout her adult life, Geri has always observed the world through the eyes of an artist. She sees colors, textures, patterns and design in a unique way which then facilitates a creative process that can only be described as God-given. Geri attended Kendall School of Art and Design and studied graphic and commercial design. This training helped ignite and excite the entrepreneurial artist within her. Geri’s family has been the source of her most recent creativity, giving her ideas for products that add color, texture and design to everyday elements. Raising three boys and a little girl gave rise to products that help remind them of important tasks, the true source of inspiration and how to have fun. Geri’s products are inspired by her intense love of life and family and are created using her God-given gifts and acquired skills.

Please note that this product is handmade and may vary slightly from their stated size or the picture on the website.